Mirror HR Blue 10 x 20

Mirror HR Blue 10 x 20 is the high reflection mirror with a dielectric coating used for reflecting BLUE laser light. Efficiency > 99%

Reference: 001747

EAN13: 0590269311088


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Product Description

About the Mirror HR Blue 10 x 20

This is a high reflection mirror with a narrowband dialectic coating designed for reflecting light in the blue spectrum at 45 deg AOI. 

Reflection of blue light: > 99%

Due to its high reflectivity and low absorption coefficients,  this mirror is ideal for high power RGB laser systems. The square shape facilitates installation on flexure or clamp mirror mounts.

Technical Data

Design Wavelength400 - 480 nm
Dimensions10 x 20 mm
Thickness2 mm
Reflectance Rangeover 99


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