Introduction / Overview

Opt Lasers’ High-Power Laser Modules offer free-space, low divergence, unidirectional laser beams. Built with multiple high-power semiconductor laser diodes and precisely aligned optical components, these modules provide a highly stable, continuous wave performance with standard 402 nm or 450 nm wavelength. By using special beam shaping optics, the beam can be focused down to either a single spot or a line.

High Power Laser modules are an excellent fit for materials processing and engraving. Due to their compact designs, these laser modules can be easily integrated into CNC or galvo scanning systems. The 15W and 30W modules additionally offer optical isolation, making these lasers ideal for processing highly reflective materials. In applications where very high powers are not necessary, High Power Laser Modules offer the advantage of significantly speeding up the process.

Our R&D team is capable of designing customized solutions - different wavelengths, types of cooling etc. Feel free to contact us to discuss your application.

High Power Lasers

High Power Blue Laser Module

Product Features

  • High Optical Power
  • Blue or Violet light (standard)
  • Free-Space, Collimated Laser Beam
  • Integrated Laser Diode Driver
  • Compact, Dustproof Design
  • Long Lifetime
  • High speed modulation

Examples of Applications

  • Material Processing
  • Laser Powder Sintering
  • Food Processing/Labeling/Marking
  • Laser Soldering and Welding
  • Plant, crop and weed laser processing
  • Laser scanning
  • Underwater

Beam Spot Profile

Beam Profile of High Power Blue Laser Module

Beam spot of High-Power 50W Blue Galvo Laser Module is single mode in fast axis (vertical axis) and multimodal in slow axis (horizontal axis).

Measurement Conditions:

  • Laser beam focused with 500mm focusing lens;
  • Beam Profiler is placed in the focal plane;
  • Focal plane is defined as smallest beam size in the fast axis;
  • Laser operated in QCW, 100Hz 1ms pulse

High-Power 50W Galvo Laser Module is build with multiple laser diodes, every laser diode emits slightly different spectrum. As result emission spectrum of the laser module is relatively broad. For applications where narrower spectrum is required, laser diodes can be wavelength tested in prior to production so that when they are combined their spectrum matches.

Typical Spectrum

Spectrum of High Power Blue Laser Module

Typical Power Drift and Warm Up Time

Power Drift of High Power Blue Laser Module

High-Power 50W Galvo Laser Module has passive cooling with four high performance fans. Typical warm up time of the laser module is below 10 minutes. After warm up time power drift is negligibly small (assuming the ambient temperature is stable). Measured with IS12L-9S-RSI-INT-D0 at 23 degrees Celsius ambient temperature (stabilized)

High-Power 50W Galvo Laser Module has three LPLDD-5A-24V-TP laser diode drivers inside. Each laser diode driver is powering four laser diodes which are connected in series.

Measurement conditions:

Signal: 1 kHz; 1% Duty Cycle; Square Wave; 5V Amplitude

Optical signal measured with Ultra-fast PIN Photodiode SFH 2701

Typical Rise and Fall Time

Rise and Fall Time of High Power Blue Laser Module

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Key Specifications for Standard Free-Space Modules

15W 30W 50W
Center Wavelength [nm] 402 450 450
Optical Power [nm] 15 30 50
Typ. Beam Size [mm, @ 1/e2]1 11 x 14 14 x 14 7.5 x 14
Typ. Full Angle Beam Divergence [mRad, @ 1/e2]1 0.7 x 0.8 0.8 x 0.8 0.2 x 10
Polarization State TM TM TE + TM
Power Stability over 2h, %, with 10 min. warm up < ±1
Lifetime  >10 000 h
Modulation Input [Analog] 0 - 5 V
-3 dB Bandwidth Modulation [kHz]2 >500
Softstart Time [ms] 2000
Rise Time [ns] <1.5 0.3
Fall Time [ns] <1.5 0.3
Operating Temperature [°C] 10 - 40
Overheat protection Yes
Dissipated Power [W, bottom surface] <85 <110 <210
Max power consumption [W] <150 <200 <300
OEM Module dimensions (L x W x H) [mm] 190 x 155 x 84 190 x 155 x 84 260 x 222 x 85
Module Weight [kg] 2.5 2.5 5

1 Vertical x Horizontal.

High Power Blue Galvo Laser

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