Cylindrical lenses 4X magnification (AR 400-700nm)

Optical elements with total magnification x4. Commonly they are used to decrease beam divergence, as a consequence beam diameter will increase in size. For the best performance, all of the lenses surfaces are coated with an anti-reflection coating.

Reference: 001302


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    Product Description

    The cylindrical lens is an optical element that produces image magnification in a single axis. Cylindrical lenses are commonly used in laser line generation and beam expander setup. In the Beam Expander, two cylindrical lenses are used. 
    One of the main application of cylindrical lenses is a Beam Expander. Beam Expander is a simple optical system which is used to decrease the beam divergence in one axis of a laser beam. Since the laser beam divergence is inversely proportional to the beam diameter, decreasing beam divergence will result in beam diameter increases.

    Technical Data

    Divergence Reduction Factor4x
    AR Coating400 - 700nm