Cylindrical lenses 2X magnification (AR 400-700 nm) BLUE

The optical system for reducing the divergence of the laser beam.
Dedicated for BLUE and GREEN beams which have better divergence than RED ones.
Lenses have 2 X magnification and the divergence of the beam is also corrected 2 X times.

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    Product Description

    The optical system for reducing the divergence of the laser beam at large distances.

    An anti-reflective coating is applied to both surfaces of lens providing extraordinary light transmittance of >99,7 % for the whole 400 nm - 700 nm spectrum.

    The lenses have been designed in terms of shape to ensure the best cooperation with the diodes listed below.

    They can be also used with other laser diodes. If you have any questions regarding the proper selection of lenses to be used with your laser diode, please feel free to contact us.


    The lens system is designed for 445 nm laser diodes:

    1400 - 2000 mW Nichia (NDB7412T)

    2000 - 3000 mW (Nichia NDB7875)

    1400 mW Osram (PLTB450)

    1600 mW Osram (PLTB450B)

    A test of the optical system with Nichia 445 nm 1500 mW (NDB7412T) laser diode is shown below. Using this pair of lenses it is possible to reduce the width of the laser beam about 2 times.


    Dimensions of the output beam spot at 10 cm distance without and with cylindrical lenses.

    Dimensions of the laser beam spot without and with lenses at the 10-meter distance.

    Graph showing the result of a reflectance test for both lenses:

    Technical Data

    Design Wavelength445 nm
    Divergence Reduction Factor2x
    Lens Dimensions12 x 12 x 7 mm


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