Collimator 520 nm

This mounted Triplet lens can be used to variably focus or collimate 520 nm laser light with reduced aberration due to the triplet (three element) design. Its relatively long effective focal length (EFL) of 8 mm allows it to focus laser light to a small spot.

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Technical Data

Design Wavelength
520 nm
Focus Distance
8 mm
Mounting Hole Thread Type
M9 x 0,5

Product Description

About the Collimator 520 nm

This High-Resolution 520 nm Collimator lens, featuring a triplet (three-element) design, offers precise and variable focusing and collimation of laser light with reduced aberrations. Its relatively long effective focal length (EFL) of 8 mm enables focusing the laser light into a small spot.

Due to the use of a rubber O-Ring and M9 x 0.5 mm thread, users can easily fine-tune the focal spot size or working distance with high precision. The lens has a high-efficiency anti-reflection (AR) coating optimized for 520 nm wavelength on all six lens surfaces, ensuring high light transmission.

With its long focal length, this lens is ideal for achieving high-resolution engraving results.


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