Collimator 400 - 700 nm

This mounted Aspheric lens can be used to collimate or focus laser light. The aspheric design nearly eliminates spherical aberration without the need for multiple optical elements. It has a broadband AR coating designed for the 400-700 nm range, allowing it to be used for various applications. 

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About the Collimator 400 - 700 nm

Designed with a high numerical aperture (NA) of 0.60, this collimator ensures high light collection efficiency. This lens serves both as a laser light focus and collimation tool. Its aspheric design effectively minimizes spherical aberration, eliminating the need for multiple lens elements. With a short effective focal length (EFL) of 4 mm, it offers flexibility in choosing working distances. Furthermore, the lens features a broadband AR coating spanning the 400-700 nm range on both surfaces, expanding its applicability beyond 450 nm engraving applications.

For engraving purposes, please note:

The Collimator 400 - 700 nm is included with our PLH3D-6W-Series laser engravers. Cleaning the lens surfaces can be easily accomplished using Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and an optical wipe in case of dirt accumulation. However, if replacement becomes necessary, it is recommended to have an extra lens on hand when using PLH3D-Series laser heads in environments generating dust, smoke, or oil.

Please be aware that the PLH3D-Series Focus Adjuster accessory is not compatible with this specific lens.



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