CNC4Newbie Lasers for CNC4Newbie CNC

Elevate your CNC4Newbie CNC machine with precision laser upgrades. Opt Lasers offers laser engraver kits in 6W, 15W, or 45W options, complete with all the necessary components for seamless integration. Unlock the full potential of your CNC router by attaching one of our advanced PLH3D-series laser heads. These laser heads are engineered for versatility, enabling a seamless compatibility with CNC4Newbie machines.

With our lasers, we are revolutionizing woodworking, both in business and for DIY enthusiasts, opening up a world of possibilities for carving and laser engraving projects. We have accomplished this goal with our lasers for CNC4Newbie. CNC4Newbie, the manufacturer behind the HSNC xxxxRP, PRO xxxx Series, C4N48xx, and New-Carve variants, is dedicated to the art of precision CNC machines. These versatile machines cater to woodworking and carving enthusiasts. They have gained recognition for their commitment to providing affordable and user-friendly CNC solutions. Crafted with precision and a passion for excellence, these machines empower users to achieve their creative visions with unmatched accuracy and reliability.

Benefits offered by Opt Lasers for the first time on this market.

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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee for Returns
Optional Collision or Laser Head Drop Insurance
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Opt Lasers Plug&Play Upgrade Kits for CNC4Newbie

The highest performance 45W optical power and best laser kit available for CNC4Newbie:

  • $1,799.00 $2,199.00 -$400.00 lead time 2 weeks
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    Universal PLH3D-XT8 Laser Upgrade Kit Specs: 45W Optical Power, HD 125DPI 180um spot, max wood cutting thickness 20mm (¾” ) Best For: CO2-like Ultra High Speed Cutting and Engraving, Thick Materials Cutting Includes: Laser Head, Air Nozzle, CNC Adapter Pro, Laser Safety ...

    $1,799.00 $2,199.00 -$400.00
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    lead time 2 weeks

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CNC4Newbie CNC and Opt Lasers Synergy - CNC4Newbie Laser

Here's what makes the CNC4Newbie machine stand out in the market when it pairs perfectly with the XT8 laser head, delivering exceptional results.

Precision Engineering: CNC4Newbie CNC machines are known for their precision and accuracy. When paired with Opt Lasers' laser systems, which are also engineered for precision, the result is unmatched cutting and engraving accuracy on a variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, and more. The XT8 upgrade enables deeper cuts and detailed engravings, comparable to CO2 laser performance, allowing the capability to cut wood up to 20mm thick and foam up to 40mm.

Easy Integration: Opt Lasers provides laser engraver kits that are designed for easy attachment to CNC machines, including CNC4Newbie models. This ensures a seamless integration process, allowing users to upgrade their CNC4Newbie machine without complications.

Enhanced Versatility: By adding an Opt Lasers' laser system, CNC4Newbie machines can expand their capabilities to include laser cutting and engraving. This versatility allows users to work on a wider range of projects, from woodworking to intricate designs.

Quality and Reliability: Both CNC4Newbie and Opt Lasers prioritize quality and reliability in their products. When combined, users can expect consistent and dependable performance, making it ideal for professional projects and hobbyist applications.

Best Laser Engraver for Woodworking

When paired with CNC4Newbie, this engraving laser becomes the perfect choice for woodworking projects. It excels in writing and engraving on a wide range of wood types, including pine, oak, and various hardwoods. Beyond engraving, this laser head effortlessly cuts low-density woods such as balsa, pine, birch plywood, and MDF, offering the added capability of creating intricate three-dimensional profiles. You have full control over your wood engraving, adjusting darkness levels, resolution, and depth by fine-tuning laser power, working distance, engraving speed, and pass count. This laser elevates woodworking with its versatility. Furthermore, its compact size makes it an ideal home CNC machine for enthusiasts.

Opt Lasers 6W laser on CNC4Newbie CNC

Opt Lasers 6W laser on the CNC4Newbie machine. The laser can be mounted on the front or side.

Learning how to use Opt Lasers 6W on CNC4Newbie machine by James Wegner.

Cutting & Engraving Wood with CNC4Newbie CNC Laser 

The success of cutting and engraving wood with Laser Upgrade Kits for CNC4Newbie depends on various factors, including wood type, hardness, and additional parameters such as humidity and texture. Among wood materials, the easiest to work with using a laser are balsa and aviation plywood. Aviation plywood typically consists of two layers of slightly denser wood with a balsa wood filler, making it an ideal candidate for laser cutting due to its homogenous structure. Laser cutting these materials is a reliable and repeatable process, thanks to wood's knag-free and foam-like consistency. When choosing materials for laser cutting or engraving, it's essential to assess their uniformity. While some balsa variants may be more budget-friendly, they can contain splinters of harder wood, posing challenges for CNC laser cutting. Similar considerations apply to aviation plywood.

Compatison of the electrical design and lifespan of Opt Lasers engraving lasers versus competition

What Accessories are included in the CNC4Newbie Laser Upgrade Kits?

Our laser heads are compatible with various accessories available in our offerings, providing versatility and upgrading performance options for your laser CNC upgrade kit. Each kit specifies the included accessories, ensuring clarity about what comes with your purchase.

The accessories listed below are commonly used with our laser heads:

The High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle

High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle

The High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle speeds up laser cutting and engraving by up to 6.5 times, and also greatly improves the quality of the processed material. By using the High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle, the resulting material will have noticeably higher quality and uniform and well-defined features.

The LaserDock magnetic laser

LaserDock Magnetic Docking Station

Thanks to the LaserDock equipped with the laser attachment, you can effortlessly dismantle the laser unit when you are finished engraving or laser cutting. A clean focusing lens ensures consistent optical performance during subsequent laser cutting and engraving jobs. Keeping it clean also extends its lifespan.

Magnetic LaserDock PRO

Magnetic LaserDock PRO

The Magnetic LaserDock PRO is designed to streamline operations with simultaneous connections for electricity and compressed air. Equipped with a safety disconnection feature, it prevents hazardous vertical collisions, ensuring workplace safety. Its heavy-duty mounting capability accommodates even the heaviest laser heads, while gold-plated, spring-loaded pins ensure protected and reliable connections. Enjoy rapid attachment or removal of the laser head in mere seconds for efficient workflow.

PLH3D-CNC Adapter Pro

PLH3D-CNC Adapter

Our PLH3D-CNC Adapter serves as a versatile interface and safety unit connected in between a CNC machine and a high-performance PLH3D laser head. Many types of CNC machines and 3D printers with different control voltage standards and levels available on the market may be used to control the PLH3D head. The PLH3D-CNC Adapter converts all these signals to the standard compatible with the PLH3D-series laser.

Laser Safety Glasses

Laser Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes with our CE-rated 450 nm Laser Safety Glasses. Offering 50% Visible Light Transmission for clear visibility, they boast a High Optical Density (OD) rating of 7+ across the 190 nm to 540 nm range. Effectively reduce harm from diffusely reflected laser radiation and safeguard against blue laser exposure..

The High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle

Laser Safety Window

Perfect for CNC machine enclosures, our Laser Safety Window blocks deep ultraviolet, blue, and green light, enhancing overall safety. With a rating of OD 6+ across the range of 190 to 540 nm, it provides comprehensive protection. Plus, it's available in various sizes to suit your needs.

The High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle

Mount and Height Reference Tool

Achieve precise laser head adjustments effortlessly with our Height Reference Tool. Securely attach your laser head or docking station with the sturdy aluminum Mount, complete with all necessary screws included. Avoid hidden costs and enjoy straightforward setup.

The High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle

Power Supply and Wiring

All necessary wiring is provided for seamless connectivity, compatible with international outlets (US, AU, and Europe). Benefit from a high-quality, low-noise power supply designed to streamline setup and enhance user experience with the Opt Lasers Kit. No hidden costs involved.

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