Shapeoko Signal Wire for PLH3D-CNC Adapter

✔ Provides connection between PLH3D-CNC Adapter and Shapeoko Controller.

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Product description

This is Shapeoko Signal Cable for PLH3D-CNC Universal Adapter. It is used for simple and quick connection between controller and PLH3D-CNC Universal Adapter for Shapeoko lasers. On one of its sides signal cable has 8 pins terminal block, it has to be connected to PLH3D-CNC Adapter. On the other side there are two wires red and blue which must be connected to the controller. For more details see Laser Upgrade Manuals.




This is the perfect fix, well almost In my case it was a little bulky to fit inside controller box. Also in my case the wire was much to long. No problem I just cut the wire to fit and soldered the ends with out the connector. PERFECT

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