EleksLaser Mount for PLH3D-Series

✔ Aluminium mount for mounting the PLH3D-6W-Series laser heads or LaserDock on EleksMaker CNC machines.

✔ Includes a set of screws.

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Product description

About the EleksLaser Mount for PLH3D-Series Laser Heads

All necessary screws for attaching the Laser Head or Docking Station to EleksLaser Mount is included.

  • Quick and simple installation of PLH3D-Series laser heads on EleksMaker CNC plotters.
  • Easy Z-axis adjustment for wide range laser focal length control or working distance over processed material.
  • Compatible with our PLH3D-6W-XF, PLH3D-6W laser heads, as well as the LaserDock Docking Station.

This EleksLaser Mount allows quick installation of PLH3D-Series laser heads on EleksMaker CNC plotters. Using two screws the Mount can be quickly connected to the PLH3D-Series laser head or LaserDock Docking Station. Then the laser head with the Mount can be easily slid into the EleksLaser CNC Bracket and fixed. You can adjust proper working distance over processed material by sliding Mount up or down in the Bracket.

An appropriate working distance can be chosen depending on the application, including properties of the material and other constraints.

- A shorter working distance for a given lens results in a smaller beam spot size and thus higher power density. It is often used for higher resolution engraving, higher speed engraving, cutting materials that are either, or any time a higher power density is preferred. However, the beam will also converge and diverge faster for a closer focus, so it is not always recommended for cutting all materials.

- A longer working distance produces a larger beam spot and thus lower power density. It is usually preferred for engraving a wider line, cutting a thicker material due to the reduced convergence and divergence, or when a long distance between the laser head and the plane of the object to be engraved is necessary.

For setting the working distance of the frequently chosen High-Resolution Mounted Triplet Lens for PLH3D-Series, we recommend the PLH3D-Series Focus Adjuster accessory.

This Mounting Adapter is also designed to be compatible with the LaserDock Docking Station accessory. This allows convenient change of tools and prevents dust particles from contaminating the laser’s optics and electrical contacts.


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