Industrial Laser Technology - Markets and Applications

Application for CNC machines and 3D Printers

Lasers whose power sources are based solely on laser diodes are considered to be durable and robust solutions. From the point of view of their application in industrial laser systems, they are one of the most promising devices due to their small dimensions, quite high power, ease of high-frequency control current modulation and the possibility of obtaining wavelength radiation in a very wide band.

It should be stressed that the use of laser diodes in industry in the process of cutting and engraving is, due to the so far low power of such lasers (reaching a few/a few dozen watts), only at the initial stage of development. The appearance of popular "desktop CNC" machines and 3D printers has encouraged many manufacturers to carry out experiments and to implement the developed laser solutions for the processing of different types of materials. Currently, the commonly used solutions used in diode lasers allow the use of equipment for cutting fabrics (including industrial systems), paper, cardboard, cardboard, rubber, wood and plastics.

The development of diode Industrial laser technology is also related to the increase in the needs of customers who expect an increase in laser engraving head power. Power sources based on laser diodes have a good price/quality ratio and are the most commonly used power sources in compact laser heads for cutting and engraving, but the issue of achieving high power of this type of equipment still requires development.

High Power Laser Engravers

In the near future, laser engraving heads of higher power (15W 450nm, 20W 450nm, 30W 450nm) will be able to be used in laser ablation processes, i.e. the process of evaporation (removal) of material from the surface of solids, e.g. rust removal by using short energy impulses emitted in the form of a laser beam, and will also find its application in the processes of automation of plant breeding and in the process of modern method of analysis of agricultural raw materials (thanks to the possibility of laser killing vegetative micro-organisms or destroying weed seeds).

  • PLH3D-6W-XF+ Engraving Laser Head

    PLH3D-6W-XF+ Engraving Laser Head

    Specs: 6W Optical Power, SD 85 DPI 300um spot, max wood cutting thickness 6 mm (¼”)

    Best For: Standard Engraving, Soft Materials Cutting, MultiPass Material Cutting

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    PLH3D-2W Engraving Laser Head

    PLH3D-2W Engraving Laser Head

    Smallest but still powerful laser head from PLH3D series. PLH3D-2W is a medium power laser head equipped with 450 nm laser diode and high-resolution lens. Compact design and very lightweight (70 grams) allow installing the laser head even in small and delicate machines. Driver equipped with LED informs the user when the laser head is armed.

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