Wavelength Characterized Laser Diode

Wavelenght Characterized laser diodes.  Characterized parameters are wavelength, Spectral line width, power

Product description

Laser Diode Characterization

For the most demanding applications a typically specified wavelength tolerance of ±5nm is often too broad. To deal with this issue Opt Lasers offers wavelength characterized laser diodes. The characterization procedure involves testing the exact wavelength, power and spectral line width.

Characterization is possible for all laser diodes in Opt Lasers catalogue.

Typical tested parameters are:

  • Wavelength at 3 different currents
  • Spectral line width at 1/e2, typical laser diode current
  • Power at typical LD current

Laser Diode Selection

In some applications, selection process of laser diodes is needed to ensure the best performance. Opt Lasers offers testing of large quantities of laser diodes in order to select devices tailored to specific customer requirements.

List of characterized Laser Diodes

For our most demanding clients we can offer customization of the characterized parameters e.g. more tested currents, current-power characterization.

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