HL40033G 405 nm 1 W Violet Laser Diode

HL40033G Laser Diode is the 1 W violet laser diode with a wavelength of 405 nm. It is manufactured by USHIO.

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Technical Data

Design Wavelength
405 nm
LD Max. Reverse Voltage
2 V
Operating Current Typ [mA]
900 mA @700 mW
Operating Temp. Range
0 to +30 °C
Operating Voltage
5 V
Threshold Current
150 - 400 mA
Storage Temperature Range
-40 to 85 °C
Optical Power @ 25°C
1 W
Estimated lifetime
10000 h

Product Description

About the HL40033G 405 nm 1 W Violet Laser Diode

The 405 nm violet laser diode. It is manufactured by USHIO.


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