CO2 Laser Replacement - Energy Efficient PLH3D-Series Laser Heads

CO2 Laser Alternative - Low Power Consumption Laser Heads

CO2 Laser Modules Yield High Carbon Footprint

Global trends toward reducing carbon footprint and operational costs as well as pressing concerns to create and sustain a clean environment resulted in a series of legislations around the world to decrease CO2 emissions. The low energy efficiency, and hence the high carbon footprint of CO2 laser modules marks them as outdated technology. The CO2 laser technology needs to be replaced with alternative solutions if the global targets for carbon footprint are to be met. At the same time, the push for high-precision processing tools has lead to increasing demand for low-carbon-footprint energy-efficient compact laser systems that can be implemented in processing plants and production lines. In fact, energy efficient PLH3D-Series laser heads can replace CO2 lasers in many applications. The high electrical-to-optical power conversion results in much low power consumption and, with multiple laser heads in use, it can sustain efficient work with high throughput. Furthermore, as many materials absorb 445 nm blue laser wavelength much more efficiently than the CO2 laser wavelength, this can decrease the power consumption even further and be a literal game-changer.


Energy Efficient Replacement for CO2 Laser Modules - PLH3D-Series Laser Heads

A major advantage of Opt Lasers’ 30 W and 15 W laser systems lies in their small power consumption and the lack of requirement of a high voltage power supply. PLH3D-15W and PLH3D-30W achieve a power consumption of 52.1 W and 104 W respectively and can be powered with desktop power supply units. In contrast, the electrical-to-optical power conversion ratio for CO2 laser tubes stands at approximately 7.5%. As such, a 30 W optical power CO2 tube consumes approximately 400 Watts of electrical power.

CO2 Laser Replacement - Laser Cutting and Engraving Materials Showcase with PLH3D-15W Laser

CNC lasers based on the blue laser diodes are also cheaper and more convenient to use. Furthermore, in case of failures, CO2 laser units can typically be more dangerous to users because of the high power of the CO2 laser beam and high voltages generated by the controller.

If you would like to get to know whether you can replace your CO2 laser module with one of our energy-efficient laser modules, please contact us through our Opt Lasers Grav contact form. We also recommend filling out our Material Testing Service Questionnaire and sending us samples of materials you are processing, which will help us advise you which energy-efficient laser head would work best for your application. As our Material Testing Service is free of charge, it is highly recommended to use it since it will provide you with the most precise cutting and engraving speed data for your applications.

On the website, you can discover more about the applications of the blue laser heads. Additionally, the linked webpage includes a list of materials that can be machined with blue laser heads.

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