Customized Laser System Solutions for Industrial Applications

Opt Lasers delivers quality customized industrial laser system solutions for all cutting and engraving applications. We are an OEM manufacturer with extensive laser characterization capabilities. We are uniquely renowned for quick development as a result of high in-house prototyping capability and vast experience. Opt Lasers’ headquarters contain electronics and laser R&D facilities, a full-service machine shop and a well-supplied stock of components. Opt Lasers works with a variety of industrial customers to provide OEM laser system modules for integration into larger systems at scale for a variety of applications.

Customizable Industrial Laser System Features

Our cutting and engraving industrial laser system units can be customized with respect to the following features:

  • Various Optical Power Levels
  • Different Industrial Laser Wavelength Options
  • Customized TTL or Analog Input Voltage Range
  • Increased Maximum Operating Temperature
  • Custom Optics to Produce a Specific Focus Spot Size or Working Distance
  • Special Shapes or Dimensions
  • Private Label Options

Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements for a custom industrial laser system product.

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