HP-Series Free Laser Module

HP-Series Laser Modules is a series of modules with one or two wavelength (combined into single laser beam) fiber coupled into a multimode fiber. As the light source high power visible laser diode is used. SW - Series laser modules are available in 405nm, 450nm, 520nm and 638nm at various power levels. 

Product description

Product Features

  • High-Power
  • Compact Design
  • Output with one or two wavelenths
  • Active Cooling
  • Long Lifetime
  • Compatible with Cage System
  • Thermal Protection


  • Lightening and Illumination
  • Phosphor Illumination
  • Medical and Therapeutics
  • Forensic





SW-Series Fiber Coupled Laser Modules
Available Wavelength 405nm 450nm 450nm 520nm 638nm 659nm
Output Power, up to 6W 1.5W 4.5W 0.8W 0.6W 1.0W
Supply Voltage 7.5VDC
Typ. Power Consumption 40W 45W 110W 55W 35W 50W
Mod. Bandwidth 30 kHz
Modulation Type Analog/TTL 0 - 5V
Cooling Active / TEC (requires heatsink)


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