1.5W 638nm Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Module

Medium power fiber coupled laser module based on semiconductor laser diodes with wavelength 638 nm.

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Product description

Opt Lasers 1.5W 638nm Free Space Laser Diode Module is a medium power source of 638 nm laser light. The module features detachable SMA optical fiber The module can be easily mounted on the metric breadboard or heatsink/cooling platform. You can precisely control laser power and pulse duration by controlling it with an analog, or a PWM signal.

With this module, a user has full flexibility with the cooling method selection. It will help you optimize cooling method cost and offers the possibility to vastly increase the power stability of the module. Our team is open to help you with choosing an optimal cooling method for your application.

Client satisfaction is most the important value for us. Therefore we offer full customization of the module to satisfy both our industrial and laboratory clients. The team of our best specialists is waiting to help you with your application, so if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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Product Features

  • Fiber coupled output
  • Sealed housing
  • Detachable Fiber
  • Long Lifetime
  • High speed modulation


  • Illumination
  • Spectroscopy
  • Medical
  • Biological


Typ. Center Wavelength [nm, ±5] 638
Output power [W] 1.5
Optical Fiber Connector SMA-905
Optical Fiber core diameter [μm] 200
Optical Fiber NA 0.22
Peak-to-peak Power Stability Over 8h, %1 0.7 - 3
RMS Power Stability Over 8h, %1 0.1 - 0.5
Lifetime [h] 10 000
Modulation Input [V, Analog] 0-5
-3 dB Bandwidth Modulation [kHz] 850
Softstart Time [ms] 2000
Rise Time [ns]2 250
Fall Time [ns]2 150
Signal To Rise Start Delay [ns]2 400
Laser Diode ESD Protection YES
Cooling Method -
Case Temperature [°C] 10 - 35
Overheat protection Yes
Max Dissipated Power [W, bottom surface] 6
Max power consumption [V x A] 7.5 x 2
Module dimensions (L x W x H) [mm] 178 x 77 x 37

1 Depends on the applied cooling method

2 Measured performed with 100kHz frequency.


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