CNC Lasers for Laser Engraving and Lasers for Science

Laser engraving allows you to quickly and easily decorate many objects that surround you. The extension of traditional engraving methods with CNC laser capability gives you the freedom to choose the optimal way in any situation.

The Opt Lasers brand manufactures CNC lasers for engraving on wood, wood-based materials, some plastics, and others. Our engraving lasers for CNC machinery are based on the blue laser diode 450 nm. Offered by us, standalone laser heads, as well as laser engraver kits, will upgrade your CNC machine or 3D printer to the laser wood engraver. You will acquire our CNC lasers and accessories in the new online store Moreover, on this website, you will find advice about CNC laser engraving and cutting. Our laser heads can be used to create DIY CNC laser or other device using a laser beam.

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    Smallest but still powerful laser head from PLH3D series. PLH3D-2W is a medium power laser head equipped with 450 nm laser diode and high-resolution lens. Compact design and very lightweight (70 grams) allow installing the laser head even in small and delicate machines. ...

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Also, at the site, we offer other types of lasers, such as RGB laser modules and fiber laser systems.

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    G520-80SM is the 80 mW green laser module with a wavelength of 520 nm. SM Series uses multimode laser diodes of leading manufacturers which allows achieving high power and its stability, as well as the reliability of the modules.

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The RGB modules and fiber laser modules can be used for a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. You can find more of our laser modules in the Diode / Fiber / RGB Modules category