3D Model of PLH3D-Series Height Reference Tool

This is printable PLH3D-Series Height Reference Tool.

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Product Description

This is printable PLH3D-Series Height Reference Tool. The tool is used to set the laser head in 60 or 35mm (2.362 or 1.377 inches) from the working plane. In all of the PLH3D-6W Series laser heads, focusing lens is factory preset to 60mm focal distance. To find the focus spot of the laser head you can use this height reference.

Note: This is 3D model of the PLH3D-Series Height Reference Tool.

How to use Height Reference:

  •          Mount the laser head on your CNC machine.
  •          Place the adjusting tool on the working plane of the CNC machine, under the laser head.
  •          Using your CNC Controller/Software move the laser head in Z-Axis, try to gently touch the Adjusting tool. At this point you can calibrate Z-Axis.


A shorter working distance and longer working distance:

  •          A shorter working distance for a given lens results in a smaller beam spot size (tighter focus) and thus higher power density. It is often used for higher resolution engraving, higher speed engraving, cutting materials that are either, or any time a higher power density is preferred. However, the beam will also converge and diverge faster for a closer focus, so it is not always recommended for cutting all materials.
  •          A longer working distance produces a larger beam spot and thus lower power density. It is usually preferred for engraving a wider line, cutting a thicker material due to the reduced convergence and divergence, or when a long distance between the laser head and the plane of the object to be engraved is necessary. For setting the working distance of the frequently chosen High-Resolution Mounted Triplet Lens for PLH3D-Series, we recommend the PLH3D-Series Focus Adjuster accessory.


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