LaserDock - Laser Docking Station

LaserDock PLH3D-6W-Series Magnetic Docking Station

Designed exclusively for those of you who use our PLH3D laser heads to work in wood and other dust generating materials. Opt Lasers docking station makes it possible to keep the device clean while operating in a dusty environment. In addition, the LaserDock effectively extends the lifetime of the laser head and significantly improves both the quality and comfort of work.

It allows to connect and disconnect the laser head just in one second while other tools are in use at the same time. What is more, thanks to the additional cover, the docking station remains clean when the device is disconnected. Overall, LaserDock is a remarkable solution for both small and large machines. Since it is easily detachable, in the blink of the eye you can simply disconnect the laser head and take advantage of the whole working field.

This docking station is designed to allow PLH3D-6W–Series laser heads to quickly connect or disconnect from machines. Aids easy removal of the laser head when it is not in use. Protects the laser unit from oils, metal or plastic particles and dust. Includes an Aluminum cover that shields the mechanical surfaces and electronic contacts which interface with the laser head.

- Protects the laser head from contamination, which can affect its lifetime

- Facilitates quick removal when different tools are used on the same machine

- Neodymium magnetic inserts ensure easy mounting as well as stable and repeatable alignment

- Enables electronic connection via 5 gold plated contacts

This product allows the laser head to be protected from contamination from dust or metal particles, as well as oils. These can accumulate on the lens surface, fan motor, air channels, as well as the body of the unit, even if the laser head is turned off. The presence of such contaminants can require maintenance or shorten the lifetime of the module. The docking station solves this problem and allows the laser head to be put aside while not in use.

A machined Aluminium cover with magnetic inserts is additionally included to allow the docking station to be kept clean at the electronic contacts and mechanical surfaces that interface with the laser head. A small amount of compressed air or a brush may be used to remove any dust before connecting the laser head to the docking station.

This unit ships with the necessary mounting screws (2 x each of M3 x 10, M3 x 14 and M4 x 10) for connecting to the laser head. Assembly takes a few minutes.

LaserDock PLH3D-6W-Series