405 nm Laser Range

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Our 405 nm laser range is designed to meet the demands of applications that require a short wavelength of 405 nm, offering output power levels ranging from 600 mW through 15 W to 30 W. Opt Lasers' 405 nm diode laser solutions are well-known for their high-quality and cost-efficiency, with exceptional long-term output power stability and extended operating lifetimes, all available at a competitive price point.

Opt Lasers' FDA-compliant 405 nm laser lineup is perfectly suited for a variety of uses, including laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), among many other applications. Opt Lasers' laser modules have gained recognition and are currently utilized by leading research centres and universities around the globe, testament to their quality and reliability.

Opt Lasers' 405 nm Laser Range

Our 405 nm lasers are available either as free space laser modules or fiber-coupled laser modules. While typical laser output is above 0.6 W, the laser power can be modulated to reach much lower values, for instance 50 mW. With the addition of additional 405 nm laser diodes, optics and a redesign, we can also manufacture more powerful 405 nm laser modules. Furthermore, we can fully customize the laser beam characteristics to fit your application as best as possible and surpass your expectations.

Fiber-Coupled Solutions

Opt Lasers' Fiber-Coupled 405 nm lasers are fitted with a detachable SMA optical fiber, and can be easily mounted on a metric breadboard or a heatsink/cooling platform. Our team is also happy to assist you with choosing the appropriate cooling method if it is needed. We encourage you to get touch in us to discuss your requirements for a 405 nm laser.

Free-Space Solutions

Opt Lasers also provides free-space 405 nm laser modules. These laser modules output a collimated 405 nm laser beam, while the laser beam dimensions and collimation can be customized to customer's request.

Multi-wavelength Laser Modules

One of Opt Lasers' areas of expertise is combining several laser beams with different laser wavelengths into a single laser output. We can combine a 405 nm laser beam with other laser wavelengths of your choice. This can for instance be 450 nm, 520 nm, 638 nm, 660 nm or 808 nm, but any other wavelengths are available upon customer request - we recommend getting in touch with us!

  • Customized IRGBV-HPL-Series Fiber Coupled Laser Module

    Customized IRGBV-HPL-Series Fiber Coupled Laser Module

    IRGBV-Series Laser Modules is a series of modules with multiple wavelengths couples into single multimode fiber. As the light source high-power laser diodes are used. IRGBV-HPL - Series laser modules are available in different combinations and with different wavelengths (405nm, 450nm, 520nm and 638nm)

405nm Laser Diodes

Apart from laser modules, we can also provide various 405 nm laser diodes for your use, from 20 mW to 1 W of laser power, and from laser diode manufacturers such as Ushio, Sony and Sharp. Examples of 405 nm laser diodes that we can provide are shown below. What distinguishes Opt Lasers is that we can characterize the precise wavelength of each individual 405 nm laser diode on stock, to provide you the one that suits your application the best.

Understanding 405 nm Lasers

Before diving into the applications of 405 nm lasers, we present two definitions of 405 nm laser and 405 nm light.

405nm Laser Definition

A 405 nm laser refers to a laser module that emits light at a wavelength of 405 nanometers, placing it in the violet portion of the visible light spectrum. A typical 405 nm laser contains several 405 nm laser diodes and specialized optics. Characterized by its short wavelength, this type of laser is known for its ability to provide precise and narrow-beam light emission. It is widely utilized across various scientific, medical, and industrial applications due to its unique properties. Applications include but are not limited to fluorescence excitation in biological research, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) for fluid dynamics studies, Raman Spectroscopy for material analysis, and as a source for high-resolution printing and data storage. The 405 nm laser is valued for its ability to achieve high levels of output power stability and efficiency over long operational lifetimes. However, any fluctuations in the electrical current or temperature of the 405 nm laser diode can affect the output wavelength and power of the laser beam. Therefore, precise control of these parameters is crucial for maintaining stable and consistent laser performance.

405nm Light Definition

405 nm light refers to electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum with a wavelength of 405 nanometers. This type of light appears violet to the human eye and is on the boundary between visible light and ultraviolet (UV) light. Due to its unique wavelength, 405 nm light has distinctive properties that make it useful in a variety of applications. It is commonly employed in optical devices such as lasers and LEDs for purposes including fluorescence excitation in scientific research, biomedical imaging, material processing, and in some forms of data storage technology. The ability of 405 nm light to induce fluorescence makes it valuable in biological and chemical assays, while its position near the UV spectrum allows it to be used in applications requiring sterilization or resin curing. Its precise and controlled emission characteristics enable high-resolution imaging and detailed material analysis, showcasing its versatility across multiple fields.