Laser - Definition & Applications

A laser is a device emitting electromagnetic radiation in the range of visible light, ultraviolet or infrared, using the phenomenon of stimulated emission. The name is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, which refers to a process of light wave build-up through the forced emission of radiation. The laser radiation can be coherent, usually polarized and has the form of a beam with very little discrepancy. For a laser, it is possible to obtain light radiation with a very small emission line width, which is equivalent to very high power in the selected narrow area of the spectrum. Pulsed lasers can achieve very high power per pulse and a very short pulse duration.

Thanks to the rapid development of technology and electronics, lasers are becoming increasingly available for numerous novel industrial & scientific applications. Not so long ago, lasers were primarily only used by academic institutions, army, and large companies. Currently, laser devices are often used in small businesses and among hobbyists. Nowadays, the fastest-growing fields where lasers are utilized are cutting and engraving industrial appliciations.

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