Avid CNC

CNC Router Parts, the company that has served the router community for over a decade, has changed its name. Now, instead of CNC Router Parts, the company goes by the name Avid CNC! Avid CNC is a new brand that reflects its daily passion and enthusiasm for its mission: to produce professional machine tools at an amazing value accessible to everyone.

What is a CNC Machine?

The process of Computerized Numerical Control gets used by CNC machines, such as the Avid CNC machine. CNCs are numerical control systems with a microcomputer that may be programmed interactively allowing for the creation of almost anything limited only by the size of the CNC machine.

CNC machines first got developed in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Upon first being developed, people only used them in the industry. However, they are now available to everyone, and the internet makes it simple to learn more about them and utilize them in depth in a short period. For example, Opt Lasers Grav offers extensive resources on how to process materials with your Avid CNC laser based on the CNC machine you use.

Factors to Consider while looking for a suitable home Avid CNC Machine

When selecting an Avid CNC machine, the following are the most important considerations:

  • Current limitations of your work area

  • Materials you use for your projects

  • Amount of use the machine will receive

  • Potential growth in your CNC operation

You have probably come across Avid CNC machines if you're looking for a CNC. Avid CNC prides themselves on offering professional-quality machines at affordable prices so anyone can utilize CNC technology. They achieve this by integrating a unique modular platform allowing users to expand their CNC machine as their needs grow. Avid CNC also uses all-digital motor drivers paired with low-inductance motors so that every machine can be configured in two levels. To help Avid CNC users learn more about their machines, they created an entire page on their website to custom CNC builds so you can better understand the capabilities of your CNC machine. You can even make a 3D edge-lit sign with your Avid CNC machine!

Another important factor to consider when looking for a CNC machine is whether or not it can support a CNC laser head. Well, with Avid CNC, you never have to bring this aspect into consideration as Opt Lasers Grav offers bespoke cutting and engraving laser heads for any Avid CNC machine. This means regardless of which Avid CNC machine you choose, you can always add Avid CNC laser capabilities whenever you need them. Opt Lasers Grav brings a wide offering of Avid CNC laser heads so whether you need industrial lasers, hobbyist lasers, or anywhere in between, you can always find what you need.

This article aims to explore the solutions offered by Avid CNC to help you decide which model to choose.

Avid CNC Models

Avid CNC offers a variety of CNC machine kits suitable to personal needs and requirements.


The PRO CNC line from Avid CNC features a unique large-format machine design that integrates high-performance components such as profile linear guides, precision ball screws, and a PRO rack, pinion drive system on a modular platform. This design allows you to scale and expand your machines as your production needs and physical space change.

The PRO CNC line features the following models:



PRO4824 4' x 2' CNC Router Kit

The PRO4824 CNC machine kit has a space-saving design that allows it to double as a workbench while not in use; just park the gantry against the wall for those with a smaller shop.

PRO4848 4' x 4' CNC Router Kit

The PRO4848 CNC machine kit has a big work surface, which is ideal for most shops.

PRO4896 4' x 8' CNC Router Kit

The PRO4896 CNC machine kit has a large work area to accommodate large materials such as entire 48" x 96" plywood or 49" x 97" Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) sheets.

PRO6060 5' x 5' CNC Router Kit

The work area of the PRO6060 CNC machine kit is large enough for baltic birch or other 5' by 5' sheet items.

PRO60120 5' x 10' CNC Router Kit

The PRO60120 CNC machine kit has a large work area that allows you to process specialty sheet goods such as full 5' x 10' Baltic Birch plywood, Aluminum, High-Density Plastics, and 61" x 121" Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).

These machine kits all have a large work surface, which is ideal for most shops.

These models have Profile Linear Guide Rails, Avid CNC's PRO Rack, and Pinion drives on the X and Y axes. A Ballscrew Z-axis provides faster speeds reaching up to 200 IPM, universal mounting for Nema 23 and Nema 34 motors, machine tuning, and more stiffness than Avid Standard CNC machine kits.

Furthermore, by simply adding an extra framework, gear rack, and linear rail, you can easily expand these models to a larger machine in the future.

Benchtop CNC Line

The Benchtop CNC line from Avid CNC consists of various smaller footprint CNC machines appropriate for any workshop or garage, including entry-level and high-precision industrial CNC machines.

The Benchtop CNC Line features the following models:



Benchtop Standard 2424 2' x 2' CNC Machine Kit

The Benchtop Standard CNC Machine from Avid CNC provides state-of-the-art performance at an accessible price, allowing anyone to work with CNC technology without compromising quality.

Like Avid CNC's acclaimed Standard CNC and PRO CNC lines of large format CNC machines, the Benchtop Standard provides the power, accuracy, and speed of considerably more expensive alternatives.

This model also comes in Benchtop Standard 2436 2' x 3' CNC Machine Kit.

Benchtop PRO 2424 2' x 2' CNC Machine Kit

Benchtop PRO is a small-footprint CNC machine that is incredibly robust and accurate. It is ideal for any business or garage.

Dual drive ball screws (one on each side of the gantry) give exceptional stiffness and power, making it perfect for dealing with a wide range of materials, including plastic, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals.

This model also comes in Benchtop PRO 2436 2' x 3' CNC Machine Kit

Standard CNC Line

Avid CNC's Standard CNC line uses low-cost components such as ACME lead screws and radial bearings to offer exceptional value.



CRP4824 4' x 2' CNC Router Kit

At an incredible price, the CRP4824 CNC machine kit, CRP4848 CNC machine kit, and CRP4896 CNC machine kit provide outstanding performance and a huge workspace.

CRP4848 4' x 4' CNC Router Kit

CRP4896 4' x 8' CNC Router Kit

Their Nema 23 Electronics provide a cost-effective and powerful system for users who are more concerned with reliability and ease of use than cutting speed. Moreover, their Nema 34 Electronics packages provide additional power, speed, and depth of cut for manufacturing shops, commercial users, and those with very big machines.

Is an Avid CNC Machine Right for You?

When considering a CNC machine from Avid CNC, keep in mind your space limitations and what you plan to do with it. Consider the accessories immediately available for purchase to avoid redundant deliveries.

Consider Avid CNC laser heads from Opt Lasers if you want the greatest quality and satisfaction for you and your customers. For all cutting and engraving applications, Opt Lasers supplies high-quality bespoke industrial cutting and engraving lasers as well as high-performance and quality cutting & engraving laser heads for hobbyists, small entrepreneurs, and everything in between.