Why us and our products?

In-house manufacturing

Opt Lasers’ products are developed, designed, tested and produced all in our facility. Our facility has several research and development laboratories, engineering department, in-house machine shop, warehouse and full production line. This makes us and our products very little dependent on third party companies.

Advantages of in-house production:

  • Full control over the production process
  • No logistics problems or challenges
  • Customer-oriented production
  • Easy customization
  • Agility and the ability to react to market quickly


Highly engineered products

 Opt Lasers has spent over a million US dollars for research and development laboratories. We have built the team with most experienced engineers from various fields (mechanics, optics, electronics, physics). All of this to make our products excellent without making shortcuts. All of the designed products before going to production are passing through various extensive product tests


Product consistency and continuity

All of the production processes (i.e. milling, assembly, etc) are done in our facility and we are able to assure that our product stays consistent over a long period of time. Additionally we keep large quantities of crucial components in stock so that our products are continuous for the foreseeable future. New products and accessories are designed with the idea of being compatible with older products and of not providing capability of upgrading old product versions to a new one.


Customer oriented products

Being a vertically oriented company with in-house manufacturing we are capable of making customer oriented products. We are capable of producing only what the customer really needs implementing innovative technologies. Customized products can be made without compromising product performance or reliability.


Customer and Product Support

Customer support of our company is unique and unparalleled to any of our competition. Our customer support team can reply to your email request within 24 hours. We can organize a phone call or a video call if needed. Customer support team is well trained and supported by our engineers.