1. Unpack the Opt Lasers PLH3D-CNC Adapter 

Cut the zip ties and check if you have the Laser Adapter, the Laser-Head-to-Adapter cable and the Controller-to-Adapter cable.

2. Connect the Controller-to-Adapter cable to the Controller 

To connect the Opt Lasers laser heads to the PWM signal output, you will have to open the X-Carve Pro controller box. You won't have to work with power cables, but since you will be working around them be sure to PLUG OFF THE MAIN POWER CORD.  

Start by locating the PWM cable connecting the controller board and the spindle controller. It should be the white-yellow wire marked on the picture below: 

Once you located the PWM wire there are two options: 

  1. Connecting the PLH3D-CNC Adapter or the laser head  directly to the controller 

If you are going to use either the spindle or the laser head at a time, then you can simply unplug the PWM wire from the controller and replace it with brown wire of the Controller-to-Adapter cable.

Next, connect the white wire to the GND socket. You can use the empty input located on the upper row of inputs of the spindle controller, shown below. It should be connected directly to the GND input (4th pin) of the PLH3D-CNC Adapter.

It's the simpler connection, however, when you want to use spindle you have to disconnect your laser head and connect the previously unplugged spindle signal wire to the controller's PWM output. 

  1. Connecting your laser head to the 3-way switch 

To be able to quickly change your machine's mode from using spindle to laser head, you can use  a 3-way switch (not included in the kit). One side of the switch should be connected to the spindle controller and the opposite one should be connected to the white wire of the controller-adapter cable. The common pin of the switch should be connected to the PWM signal of the controller board. This is shown in the picture below:  

To make the full connection, start by unplugging the white-yellow spindle signal  wire from the spindle controller and connect it to the common pin of the switch. Next, connect the brown wire of the controller-adapter cable to one side of the switch. Finish the setup with an additional cable to connect the remaining input of the switch to the PWM input of the spindle controller. 

Once the 3-way switch is connected, you can set it up in an easily accessible spot. The last step is to connect the white GND wire of the Controller-to-Adapter cable to the empty GND input of the spindle controller.

3. Connect the Controller-to-Adapter cable to the Laser Adapter

Secure your laser adapter in an easily accessible spot and connect the Controller-to-Adapter cable to the PWM input pin (2nd pin) on the RHS  of the PLH3D-CNC Adapter: 

4. Connect the Laser Adapter to the Laser Head

Connect the Laser Head-Adapter cable to the left side (5 pin output) of the Laser Adapter:

Insert the cable into the X-Carve's Pro drag chain:

  • Use a small flat head screwdriver to open the drag chain. Next feed your Laser Head-Adapter cable and air assist cable (if applicable) through the drag chain.

  • Unscrew the top of your spindle mount, pull the cables through and secure the cap with screws

5. Connect the Laser Head-Adapter cable to your Laser Head

6. Here you can see a full connection with the Laser Adapter and the 3 way switch

For more details on details on the wiring process, you can check out Last Leg Woodworks channel on YouTube. He has a video fully showcasing the installation process, which we highly recommend.              

You can also connect the PLH3D-series laser head directly to your controller. Below you can see the connection draft: