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CNC Machines Laser Upgrade Instructions

Engraving Laser Head at CNC Machine

This part of the documentation is connected with popular CNC machines Laser Upgrades.

Basically, with the help of the PLH3D-CNC Adapter, it is possible to connect the laser head to almost any CNC machine and turn it into laser engraver. A very important thing besides the connection is G-Code generating. It differs from the standard G-Code. The laser needs to be switched off during the idle movement while spindle can be left rotating. The most similar thing in Laser and Spindle G-code is the power and the rotation speed. PWM signal is controlling the rotation speed of the spindle while the same signal can be used to control the laser power. Usually, it is done with S0 - S255 command but different CNC Software and Controllers are using different values, for example, S0 - S1000.