Install Opt Lasers PLH3D series X-Carve Pro Mounting Plate onto the X-Carve Pro Spindle Holder.

The Mounting Plate can  be installed on either side of the spindle holder . This is the most common way to mount the engraving laser module.  

Start by unscrewing 3 bolts located on one of the sides of the spindle holder. Replace them with 3 standoffs and attach your mount to the standoffs. 

Once the mount is secured in place, install your laser head. X-Carve Pro laser mount is designed to work with any of Opt Lasers laser heads. To install the PLH3D-6W-XF+, PLH3D-XT-50, PLH3D-XT-10 or the LaserDock , use the array of 8  holes highlighted in red in the picture below. . To install the PLH3D-15W use the 4 far-out  holes of the bottom part of the mount. 

Below you can see the fully installed PLH3D-15W laser head.

For more details on details on the mounting process, you can check out Last Leg Woodworks channel on YouTube. 

He has a video fully showcasing the installation process, which we highly recommend.