Only a person with specialized training and appropriate laser safety knowledge can use and maintain the laser head. The laser head operator must be aware of laser radiation hazard.

While laser head is operating protection Laser Glasses designed for 190 – 540 nm (OD 7+) should be used. Make sure that all personnel in the same room worn protection glasses.

Eye exposure to the direct or diffusely reflected laser beam is a hazard. The laser head beam may cause permanent eye damage.

Skin exposure to the laser beam is a hazard. The laser beam may cause serious skin burns. Laser beam may easily burn cloth.

It is possible to get serious injury while using this product or being in the vicinity of an individual using it. Improper use of the laser head can result in injury or death.  

Flammable substances exposure to the laser beam may pose fire hazard. The laser head operation in an explosive atmosphere may be dangerous. The working area must be well ventilated. During the operation laser beam may ignite gases or flammable liquids.

Before making any adjustments, changing accessories or performing maintenance, the laser should be powered off and disconnected from the power supply and CNC main board.

The laser head must be properly mounted to a rigid body such that it cannot be moved unintentionally.  Unintentional move of the laser head is dangerous. 

The unauthorized personnel must have no access to the system into which the laser head is integrated. The laser head must be stored out of the reach of children. Untrained persons are not allowed to operate, maintain and observe operation of the laser head. 

Specular reflection materials should not be placed in front of operating lasers head. Remember, diffused reflection of the laser beam is uncontrolled and may pose hazard to eye.

Appropriate shielding should be used around the system into which the laser head is integrated.  The system in which laser head is used must be equipped with key switch and safety interlock.

Responsibility of use or misuse belongs to the end user.  Tomorrow’s System and its affiliates accept no responsibility for use or misuse by the user. If you may not be able to use this product properly, we recommend that you do not begin use or cease use immediately.