1. Mount the PLH3D-6W-Series Nozzle & 43mm Spindle Adapter to the PLH3D-6W-Series laser head Use the included screws to mount it firmly.

Air Nozzle and 43mm Adapter for Laser EngraverEngraving Laser with Terminal Blocks

Mounted Air Nozzle to Laser Head

  1. Insert the laser head into the 43mm diameter spindle holder.

How to Mount Laser to Stepcraft

  1. General idea of the Laser Upgrade connection. Signal Cable is different depending on the Laser Upgrade version.

  1. Locate the PLH3D-CNC Adapter with wires, they will be used to connect the laser head to the Stepcraft machine:

Engraving Laser HeadPower and signal Cable for Laser EngraverPLH3D-CNC Adapter for StepcraftSignal Cable for Stepcraft Laser Engraver

  1. Insert the female D-Sub connector on the adapter cable into the male socket on the Stepcraft machine:

Location of Stepcraft D-Sub Connector

Connection of Stepcraft Adapter

  1. Connect the ends of the cables from the laser head and Stepcraft Adapter

Connection of Terminal Blocks for Laser Engraver

  1. Connect the cable to the CNC machine. Make sure that cable will not interfere with the work of the machine.

How to Guide Wires for Laser at Stepcraft CNC