To cut or engrave, it is necessary to generate the appropriate G-code that using the following commands:


Laser ON


Laser OFF


PWM duty where XXX is number between 0 and 255 (e.g.: 0 = 0% and 255 = 100%)

To see an example of G-code, please refer to Appendix 1: G-Code Example.

Generating G-code

The easiest way to generate proper G-code is to use our software: Generator.

  1. You will need DXF file from which you will generate G-code.
  2. In G-CODE Settings, you have to set Stepcraft as G-CODE Profile

G-Code Generator Settings for Stepcraft

  1. In Tools set 0 as Focus Distance

G-Code Generator Settigs for Focus Distance

  1. Set parameters in DXF / Settings / Parameters (set Material thickness as 0 if you want to engrave) and click Open DXF file to load the DXF file.

G-Code Generator Settings for Engraving with Laser

  1. Click Generate G-Code and save it.

Generating G-Code for Laser

  1. Now, you can load the generated G-code in UCCNC software and begin using the laser.