6. Setting-up the PLH3D Laser Head.

6.1. For the next step, the PLH3D Laser Head is to be plugged into the BlackBox Controller.

6.2. The PLH3D-2W Laser Head ought to be connected with the dedicated 5m 4 conductor wire. Bear in mind that the TTL cable running from the laser head needs to be plugged into the PWM hole of the plug.

6.3. The PLH3D-6W laser head, just like the PLH3D-2W laser head, can be powered with the same power supply that powers the BlackBox. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use a separate power supply due to an elevated power consumption and the occurrence of adverse inductive side-effects.

The recommended option is to use the PLH3D-CNC Adapter together with an additional power supply (not included with the CNC Adapter on purchase), and a dedicated BlackBox cable.