7. PLH3D-CNC Adapter Settings

The PLH3D-CNC Adapter should have the “0” program set. A detailed description can be found in the CNC Adapter’s Manual on the Opt Lasers’ website.


It is possible to check the program set by following the instructions underneath:

To check or to set up the option:

1. Turn the key switch off.

2. Press and hold the mode button.

3. Turn the key switch on while holding the button.

4. Wait approximately one second.

5. Release the button.

6. LEDs will show a combination corresponding to the current setting (see table above).

7. To step to the next setting press the button.

8. To save the current setting, wait five seconds with the button released. To quit without saving, turn the key switch off before five seconds elapses.

The option set is kept in a non-volatile memory and remains unchanged during power-off.