1. Install the 7 M Adapter to Laser Head Cable to the LaserDock. 

2. When connecting the 7 M Cable to the LaserDock, be sure to double check the colored wires are properly aligned. They should mirror one another once plugged in. 

3. Attach the other end of the 7 M cable to the left side of the PLH3D-CNC Adapter. 

4. Attach the green connector to the right side of the PLH3D-CNC Adapter.

5. Connect the other end of the round phoenix cable to the back of your i2R control box. 


6. Insert the power cord into the PLH3D-CNC Adapter and plug the opposite end into your outlet. 

7. For remaining connections, use the pinout below:

AXBB Connection to Opt Lasers Grav Laser

 8. If you struggle with the remaining connections please contact [email protected] for further guidance.