Be sure to have your Laser Safety Glasses / Goggles on for this step, or whenever you have your laser powered. 

1. Go to and Sign into: Easel Inventables web-page 

2. You might have to create an account if you have not yet. 

3. In a new or existing Project, 

4. Go to: Easel > Machine > Advanced 

5. Click on "Machine Inspector"

6. In Machine Inspector: 

6.1. Fire the Laser. 

Be sure everyone in the area has Laser Safety Glasses / Goggles on for this step! 

6.2. Scroll to "Console". 

6.3. Paste: "$32=0", and press enter. Ensure that Laser Mode is Disabled 

6.4. Type: "M3 S1", and press enter. THIS WILL FIRE THE LASER

6.5. Laser should fire at its lowest power if it is powered.

6.6. Type in: "M5", and press enter. This will stop the laser from firing.

6.7. Confirm the PWM Min & Max Settings. Also, confirm that the Laser Mode is disabled. 

6.8. Scroll to "Settings" and take note of the values of each setting. 

6.9. The settings should be similar to the example settings shown below.




Maximum spindle speed / RPM


Minimum spindle speed / RPM


Laser-mode enable, Boolean

NOTE: Ensure that the Laser Mode is disabled ("$32=0"). 

6.10.Disable the Laser Mode by typing "$32=0" into Console and pressing enter. The Laser Mode alters the output based on the feed rate. 

NOTE: With the settings above, (Laser Min / Max) = (Spindle "M3 S" 0 / 12000). These settings directly relate to and dictate the engraving laser Min & Max output value.