CNCjs is a full-featured web-based interface for CNC controllers running Grbl, Marlin, Smoothieware, or TinyG. For a more complete introduction, see the introduction section of the CNCjs wiki page.

CNCjs User Interface

Software Setup

  1. Download the latest CNCjs release for your operating system.
  • Win x64: cncjs-app-1.9.15-win-x64.exe
  • macOS: cncjs-app-1.9.15-mac-x64.dmg
  • … and many more.
  1. Install CNCjs by double clicking on the downloaded installer.CNCjs Icon

Software Usage

  1. Launch CNCjs from your Start Menu / Application Dock
  2. In the "Connection" widget.Launch of CNCjs
  • Select the "Port" that is your X-Controller, or similar.
  • Set the "Baud rate" to 115200.
  • Click "Open"
  1. The Console widget should output the current settings when you connect. If not send the command "$$".
  • Make sure the GRBL Spindle RPM / Laser Output Range set correctly.
            $30=1000        Max spindle speed, RPM
            $31=0                Min spindle speed, RPM
  • Enable GRBL Laser Mode (Optional)
  • If you have the GRBL v1.1f installed on your motion controller, then you can optionally enable Laser Mode.
  • $32=1                Laser Mode ENABLED.
  • $32=0                Laser Mode DISABLED.
  • Remember to disable Laser Mode when you decide to use router to cut.
  • NOTE: If any of the setting are not correct, you can update them by sending the command as you would want it to appear.
  • Example: $##=VALUE
  • ## is the setting number you want to change.
  • VALUE is the value it is / you want to update it to.
  1. Run Homing Cycle. Homing Button at CNCjs
  • Click the "Homing" button in the upper right,

and allow the machine to home.CNCjs Movement Control

  1. Jog your laser into position using the "Axes" widget.
  • Keyboard input can be enabled by clicking the keyboard icon at the top of the widget.
  1. Set Laser Height to 60mm above work area.
  • Use a ruler and measure 60mm above from just below the head of the laser module to the work area. If you have adjusted you focus, move to your preferred focus depth.

Laser Lens Adjustment at X-Carve

  1. Zero each axis by clicking the  icon for each work position axis.
  • This will set this position as the place where G-Code will be started from.
  • Note that you can set multiple work positions.
  1. Insure that all persons viewing have the proper eye protection / safety goggles.
  2. Power the laser module.
  • CNCjs - Powering Laser Engraver
  • Turn on your Adapter, the switch should glow red, and the fans on the laser module should spin-up.

X-Carve Adapter for Laser Engraver

  1. Test that the laser is working by using the "Laser" widget.
  • In the "Laser Test" section of the widget.
  • Set power to ~1%
  • Set the test duration to ~500 ms.
  • Click "Laser Test" at the bottom.
  • The laser should fire for a brief moment. Hooray!
  1. Load G-Code
  • You can drag and drop G-Code into the CNCjs window to load it.
  • A preview of the g code should appear.

CNCjs - G-Code Test

  1. Run G-Code
  • Click the play button at the top to run the G - Code.

CNCjs G-Code Run Buttons

  1. NOTE: You can pause the job by pressing "Feedhold" at any time. Press "Cycle Start" to resume.

CNCjs - Cycle Start Button