Thank you for purchasing your X-Carve PLH3D-6W Engraving Laser Upgrade Kit for the X-Carve CNC controlled via GRBL PC based control.

This sub-assembly kit contains a high-power engraving and cutting laser with thermal protection and a professional high-speed driver. The design ensures that the cutting laser does not require any additional cooling. The fan and airflow design make it perform as a fully customized air nozzle, protecting the lens from the dirt while cooling the cutting laser diode. This product utilizes the PLH3D-6W driver which ensures the proper function of the cutting laser and protects the laser diode from overheating. The laser switches off at 45°C with an automatic thermal cutoff. A turn to adjust the collimating lens allows the user to easily change the focal distance of the cutting laser beam.

You can use two types of lenses with our PLH3D cutting laser heads. G2 lenses are popular because of their efficiency, but efficiency is not necessarily the most important parameter. For an cutting laser, power density is more important. G2 lenses do not provide the smallest obtainable beam at the beam waist, which can be done with most three-element lenses. Even though a three-element lens causes a bigger optical power loss, it allows you to obtain a smaller beam spot. This in turn helps to obtain a higher power density, while also giving the added benefit of a thinner cutting path.

The choice is up to a customer, since depending on the situation, it may be better to use one or the other.  This cutting laser allows you to cut or engrave materials such as rubber, wood, paper, leather, plastic, card stock among other choices. With a fully analog power modulation, it is possible to engrave in shades of gray or change the output power between consecutive runs. The same effect can be achieved with a PWM signal which is fully compatible with the PLH3D driver. High power modulation (up to 100 kHz) ensures the high speed of the engraving laser, even for the most sophisticated patterns.

This engraving laser utilizes a NUBM44 450 nm diode, which is the strongest available blue laser diode on the market. We recommend using 12 V or 24 V power supply units with current capacities at 2.5 A and 1.5 A respectively. The lifetime of NUBM44 450 nm laser diode stands at 10 000 hours as given by the manufacturer.

By purchasing this product, the customer declares that he has reached the age of 18 and that he has fully read and understood the operating and safety instructions provided at

The responsibility of use or misuse belongs to the end user. Tomorrow's System and its affiliates accept no responsibility for use or misuse by the user. If you may not be able to use this product properly, we recommend that you do not begin use or cease use immediately.

Inspect all contents of your cutting and engraving laser kit. Verify that there is no evidence of damage or wear to any components due to the shipping process.

Read the operational manuals for your X-Carve CNC machine, the X-Carve Laser Upgrade Setup Guide and the PLH3D-6W Series Operational Manual prior to attempting to use the system. A copy of the PLH3D-6W Series Operational Manual can be found at

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