First Job

  1. Connect the PLH3D laser head. Put a piece of plywood on the table of your WorkBee CNC machine. Move the X- and Y-axis to have the laser head above the bottom left corner of the plywood.

Laser Head Mounted To WorkBee CNC

  1. Using the PLH3D-6W Height Reference Tool, set the laser head 60mm above plywood’s surface.

Laser Head Adjustment at WorkBee CNC

  1. Disconnect the docking station and attach the nozzle.

Air Nozzle Assembly for Laser Engraving Head

  1. Mount the laser head with the nozzle on and set the length of the nozzle. Distance between the nozzle and the surface of the engraving material should be 5-8 mm.

Setting Up Air Nozzle for Laser Engraver

  1. Click the SET WORK XYZ button. After this operation, the XYZ coordinates of the work position should be equal to zero.

Setting XYZ Position In WorkBee

  1. Open G-CODE generator, which can be downloaded for free from In the DXF/Settings tab, set parameters like in the picture below.

G-Code Generator

  1. In the G-CODE Settings tab, choose the Duet 2 profile for earlier versions of RepRap firmware.

G-Code Generator Profile for WorkBee

8. If you have updated your Duet firmware to RepRap 3.3 and above, choose the "WorkBee Duet 2 (RRF 3)" profile.

9. In the DXF/G-CODE tab, click the Generate G-code button.

Generating a G-Code

10. Next, click the Save G-code button to name your G-code file and save it in a convenient location.

Saving a G-Code

11. Put the Laser Safety Glasses on!

12. Use the key and the ARM/DISARM button to turn on the PLH3D-CNC Adapter and arm the laser head. POWER and ARMED LEDs should light up.

Turning On Laser Adapter PLH3D-CNC

13. Click the UPLOAD&START button and choose the generated G-code.

Loading G-Code to WorkBee

14. Laser will start engraving immediately.

15. Your first job with a PLH3D-6W laser head is done!

Firs Engraving at WorkBee

16. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact form on the website (this link will take you directly there).