Manual is compatible with models: MK3-M4 (3-Axis) XHC CNC Controller, MK4-M4 (4-Axis) XHC CNC Controller, and MK6-M4 (6-Axis) XHC CNC Controller.

These controllers can also be called WixHC Mach4 USB Motion Cards.

1. Adapter connection

2. Laser head only connection

Please only use a single signal input of the laser head. Do not connect the signal output from the controller to PWM and Analog inputs at the same time.

Adapter setting:

For the connection showed above you have to use program 0 of the Adapter, which should look as on the picture below. To find information about checking and changing the adapters program please look into our guide for PLH3D-CNC Adapter or check our instructional video.

PLH3D-CNC Options