1. Install the Opt Lasers PLH3D-6W Series Shapeoko Mounting Plate and the Magnetic Docking Station onto the Shapeoko Spindle Mount. 

2. To install the Mounting Plate on the Spindle Mount start by removing the two M5x55 mm screws. Next, mount the plate with the included M5x65 screws. 

3. Attach the female part of the magnetic docking station for the cutting laser (the Opt Lasers Grav LaserDock) onto the plate by installing the two hex screws. 

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5. Install the male part of the docking station onto the laser module. Be sure to check screw lengths when installing. 

6. Attach Opt Lasers Grav cutting laser by simply aligning the magnets. It will fit securely.

7. When not in use, laser head should be removed. The docking station can then be covered with the provided cover.