1. Connect PWR- and PWR+ (parallel to wires that have been connected already)

Prusa Controller and Wiring

  1. Connect laser control input to the connector on EINSY board (instead of front print fan cable).

Connecting Laser to Prusa Controller

  1. Check with photo below, if you plugged those in correct slots.

Prusa Controller Top View

  1. Connect front print fan cable.

Print Cable for Prusa Controller 

  1. View of wires connected.

Laser Upgrade Connectio to Prusa Controller

  1. Unwrap the cable bundle which connects EINSY board with extruder and dismount X-carriage-back.

How to Wire Laser in Prusa 3DP

  1. Pull the black nylon filament guide, P.I.N.D.A. sensor cable and hotend fan cable through the X-carriage-back to make more space. Push PLH3D-2W laser head cable through the hole, to the extruder side.

Wiring Laser in Prusa 3DP

  1. Push black nylon filament guide, P.I.N.D.A. sensor cable and hotend fan cable back.
  2. Push the PLH3D-2W laser head cable in the channel together with the P.I.N.D.A. sensor and fan cables. Use zip tie to mount it firmly.

P.I.N.D.A sensor at Prusa 3DP

  1. Set up X-carriage-back back to its place.

Setting up X-Carriage at Prusa 3DP

  1. Twist textile sleeve with PLH3D-2W laser head’s cable added to the bundle and mount the bundle back.

Wiring at Prusa 3DP

  1. Unscrew top right and bottom left (view from the front side) of the extruder motor.

Extruder Mount at Prusa 3DP

  1. Push two M3x50 screws through the upper holes of laser head’s holder.

Laser Mount for Prusa 3DP

  1. Mount PLH3D-2W laser head to the holder (use two M3x6 screws).

Mounted Laser Head

  1. Using M3x50 screws, that were set up in the 13. point, mount PLH3D-2W laser head’s holder to the extruder’s motor.

Mounted Laser Head to Prusa 3DP

  1. Before starting work with laser, connect the cable. Always remember to cover heat bed  or spring steel sheet with non-reflective material that will protect it from laser. Laser beam can damage heat bed or spring steel sheet very easily!

Connecting Laser to Prusa 3DP