1. Introduction

The Acro System Machine, featuring a lightweight body and the ease of a straightforward assembly, is an ideal choice for being put together with smaller, lightweight laser engraving heads, such as the ones from PLH3D-2W and PLH3D-6W series.

It is designed in particular for hobbyists and entrepreneurs looking for a cost-effective and unperplexing solution.

The utilization of the PLH3D-2W and PLH3D-6W series’ laser heads enables you to cut or engrave on softer materials, such as plywood, wood, leather and a diverse range of plastics.

Due to its uncomplicated build, the z-axis is not regulated automatically, but it can be adjusted manually to a set height by anchoring it in place with screws.    

The ACRO System machines can be found in several sizes, with the following work ranges:

ACRO 55 - Axis X 12” (300mm)/ Y 12” (300mm)/ Z 2 ¾” (~70mm)

ACRO 510 - Axis X 12” (300mm)/ Y 30” (800mm)/ Z 2 ¾” (~70mm)

ACRO 1010 - Axis X 30” (800mm)/ Y 30” (800mm)/ Z 2 ¾” (~70mm)

ACRO 1510 - Axis X 50” (1300mm)/ Y 30” (800mm)/ Z 2 ¾” (~70mm)

ACRO 1515 - Axis X 50” (1300mm)/ Y 50” (1300mm)/ Z 2 ¾” (~70mm)

The base prices (not including any laser heads) of the Acro System machines are in the range of 290USD - 420USD.

The OpenBuilds’ website offers thorough step-by-step instructions and video guides on how to assemble, plug-in and configure the device. It also provides quite intuitive and straightforward free software that allows the user to generate the OpenBuilds Control G-code to command the machine.

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