MASSO G3 is a stable, reliable, and easy-to-use CNC controller at an affordable price. Escape the reliability issues of PC-based controllers, which are vulnerable to external design flaws, incompatible software updates, and viruses. No need to worry about installing drivers or motion cards, just wire the MASSO to your Opt Lasers laser head and enter calibration values to start machining.

Simple connection

Thanks to using the Laser Adapter, the connection of all Opt Lasers laser heads looks exactly the same.

To set up your Opt Laser laser head, start by connecting the MASSO G3 Controller’s TTL output (pin 11) to the PWM input (pin 2) of the Laser Adapter. Next, connect one of the GND outputs of the controller to the input (pin 4) of the Laser Adapter. Plug in the laser adapter-laser head wire to the left side of the Laser Adapter and to either top of the laser head, or to the input of the laser dock magnetic mount. Finish by plugging in the power supply to the socket of the laser adapter.

Extended connection with EStop, laser up/down control and air assist control

To implement EStop, the laser up-down, and Air Assist control, we recommend using the MASSO Relay. Connect the ES output of the controller to the input (pin 1) and TTL output pins of your choice to input (pins 5 and 6) of the Relay. Then remove the jumper from the top connector of the Laser Adapter and connect it to the normally open output (pin 1) of the Relay. Follow by connecting normally open outputs of the Relay to Laser Up/Down and the Air Assist control.

For more information, we have a video guide showcasing the connecting, mounting, and basic setup of your laser head. 

Connecting Masso Controller directly to PLH3D-series laser head

Please only use a single signal input of the laser head. Do not connect the signal output from the controller to PWM and Analog inputs at the same time.

Adapter setting:

For the connection showed above you have to use program 0 of the Adapter, which should look as on the picture below. To find information about checking and changing the adapters program please look into our guide for PLH3D-CNC Adapter or check our instructional video.

PLH3D-CNC Options