1. First Job
    1. Install and open LaserGRBL.

    1. Open an Image. Menu, File --> Open File, and select  image file.

    1. In the Import Raster Image window, make your desired image import setting changes.

    1. After selecting and setting the parameters for the image to be imported, continue by clicking Next.

    1. Change the Target image engraving settings.
      1. Set the speed. [1]
      2. Change the laser on command to M4 (dynamic laser power mode). [2]
      3. Set the size of the engraved image. [3]
      4. And press Create. [4]

    1. Now you can generate gcode.

    1. From the menu Choose File --> Save (Advanced Options) --> and then save the file with the generated gcode. Appendix 1

    1. We move on and finish the process by clicking Run Job.
      1. Ensure your engraving machine on, and connected to your computer.