1. Start up and familiarize yourself with the software. The OpenBuilds Control program can be downloaded for free at Openbuilds Software web-page. Alternatively, instructions for LightBurn can be found in the following section of this instruction manual.
  2. After OpenBuilds Control is opened and the computer detects the CNC xPRO, you can connect by pressing the "Connect" button in the upper left-hand corner of the program. The controller is detected automatically when connected to the computer, so it is not necessary to connect the controller power supply during this step.

OpenBuilds Control Software

  1. Go to the machine configuration tab labeled "Grbl Settingsā€.

OpenBuilds Control GRBL Settings

  1. Select the appropriate device from the list of available machines. If the machine you want to use is not listed, select "Custom Machine".

OpenBuilds Control Custom Machine

  1. Each axis step per mm can be automatically calculated by the built-in calculator after inputting the parameters of the stepper motor, timing belt, and pulley.

OpenBuilds Control Settings

  1. Save each change by clicking "Save to Firmware".

OpenBuilds Control Firmware

  1. After setting and saving the changes, you can check the operation of the spindle by clicking on the arrows in the "Control" panel.
  2. If the machine is working properly, set the starting position somewhere within the workspace. Write and load a simple G-code to test the machine (motors, limit switches) and its interaction with devices (laser, spindle).