TEC-12A-24V-ADV is an advanced digital temperature controller with PID regulation, provided for controlling TEC (Peltier) modules.

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The output is a current source which is advantageous for TEC controlling efficiency. Output current does not depend on the supply voltage, making use of different TEC types much easier than in case of voltage-output TEC controllers. Bipolar output allows both heating and cooling, Unipolar mode that is suitable for heaters can also be chosen. The Controller may operate as a stand-alone unit, or may be remotely controlled and inspected through the serial connection, eg. by a personal computer. This allows for easy interfacing with many computer applications like terminal programs or math packages. The Controller is equipped with numerous inputs and outputs for high versatility.

  • Advanced temperature regulator for controlling TECs (Peltier modules)
  • Current control mechanism for lower noise
  • Provides heating and cooling
  • Applies to a wide range of TEC types
  • Maximum TEC current: 5A or 12A (depending on version)
  • Temperature stability: better than 0.05°C
  • Supply voltage: 9…24V
  • Output voltage: 0…20V
  • Supports two sensor types: NTC 10k and PT100
  • PID regulation with user-presettable parameters
  • Programmable generator of temperature cycles
  • Smart fan speed control
  • Rich set of inputs and outputs


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