TEC-10A-24V Temperature Controller

TEC-10A-24V Temperature Controller is the simple TEC controller consisting of analog elements and the very small PCB board.

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Compact size and big operating currents make it possible to use this driver in almost any project. Thanks to built-in MOSFET users don't have to apply thermal compound and heat sink. Additional mounting holes, as well as wires connectors, make assembly of the controller even easier. Temperature stabilization reaches +-0.4 degrees Celsius accuracy. High current, wide voltage range and high accuracy in a device of only 20 x 30 mm in size! The driver works in cooling mode and uses voltage feedback from an NTC thermistor. One 10k NTC B3950 thermistor is shipped with the temperature controller. It is possible to upgrade the controller to 36V maximum input voltage. A maximum current flowing through the device depends on the TEC used. Voltage dropout on a driver is very small so current can be predicted by reading TEC labels. For example, 12704 means 12 V and 4 A. 12715 means 12 V and 15 A.


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