One channel 10A 3-12V 50kHz high power laser diode driver. Driver is supposed to work with medium power infrared laser diodes as well as other popular multimode diodes which use higher current up to 10A. 3W, 5W and 10W 808nm, 940nm and 980nm in standard packages like C-mount, F-mount and TO-3 are perfect match for this laser diode driver thank to an independent laser diode supply line.

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    Product Description



    The subject of the auction is a professional driver dedicated for high power infra red laser diodes. It is possible to modulate the current with frequency up to 50kHz. Driver can work with every infrared laser diodes.

    While operating with stacked laser diodes proper supply voltage must be ensured. In recommendation section there is a formula for maximum input voltage.

    Separate laser diode supply voltage input and logic input voltage allows to minimize the switch-on resistance of a power MOSFET. The outer body of a heatsink, made of alluminium, is isolated from all signals of the driver, including GND signal. It allows to mount the driver directly to the metal components in case of additional cooling needed.

    Two potentiometers are used to set the values of maximum diode current and bias current.

    Attached to the driver are connectors and pins which are used to power and control the unit.

    We can also provide the proper power supply unit. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

    Measuring input voltage - shutdown driver when lack of diode voltage.

    Recommendations and requirements


    Supply voltage range depends on the laser diode system powered. Supply voltage should not exceed 5V over diode operating voltage.

    VCC DIODE MAX = (Number of diodes in series) X (Each diode operating voltage) + 5V

    For example when using stacked laser diodes where operating voltage is 42V then maximum supply voltage is 49V.

    Always power the logic with 12V before powering up the diode line. Because GND of the diode line and GND of the logic input are internally connected in the driver, always remember to connect GND of the diode line directly to the GND of a PSU not to cause high current flowing through logic GND paths. Driver is provided with 3s softstart which appears after connecting laser diode line to the PSU.

    Always use high quality power supply unit with low ripple voltage. Adding large capacitor at the driver input is strongly recommended, but it depends on PSU, wires cross-section and their length.

    You should be very careful not to cause short circuit between the + (VCC) of the power supply and -(GND) of the logic input or monitor input, as a thin GND logic paths can be irreparably damaged.

    Modulation input can be used as TTL input with its logic levels of 0V and 5V or as an analog input. Analog modulation means that by using 2,5 V on ANG input you get 50% output power, analogically by using 4 V you get 80% output power, etc.

    We recommend the use of power cables with cross-section of at least 1,5 mm2.

    The current monitor is 0,5V/1A.


    Driver is not protected against reverse polarity in order to provide maximum performance and speed. We strongly recommend using LASORB protection device mounted close to the diode.

    The driver's body is isolated from all signals of the driver and can be mounted directly to the metal heatsinks or other metal parts with use of 4x fi3,3 mounting holes (raster 44x34 mm).

    The analog input is protected by a 5V1 Zener diode on occasion there appears the voltage higher than 5V. Despite everything, this input should not be used with higher voltages.

    The driver is fitted with a 3s softstart designed to protect laser diodes against switch-on effects.

    Additional transil diode is soldered at the input of a driver.


    We assure 12 month warranty for all electronics and 6 month warranty for laser diodes.


    Items are shipped withing three working days. All packages are well secured for shipping.


    Technical Data

    Compliance Voltage3 - 12 V
    Current Monitor0,5/1 V/A
    Logic Supply Voltage10 - 15 V
    MaterialAluminium (heatsink)
    Max. Bias (DC Offset) Current2 A
    Max. Modulation Frequency50 kHz
    Max. Power Dissipation30W
    Modulation Input Voltage Range0 - 5 V
    Pre-Set Current Setting500 mA
    Softstart Time2000 ms
    Transistor Type UsedHigh power N-MOSFET