Generic All-Inclusive Kit Builder  

Generic All-Inclusive Kit Builder is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool. It allows you to build your own cnc laser upgrade kit and compare pricing. In just a few seconds, you can build a kit for machines such as Acro System CNC, Avid CNC Series, CNC4Newbie CNC Series, i2R CNC, LEAD CNC, Onefinity CNC Series, Ortur Laser Master Series, Shapeoko CNC Series, Stepcraft CNC Series, Workbee CNC and X-Carve CNC.
Our universal cutting and engraving laser upgrade kits can be installed on all CNC machines that either utilize a spindle or possess a PWM/TTL/Analog output.
Please note that, unlike certain other manufacturers, the laser power is stated as the optical power of the laser, not the electrical power. For example, our 6 W optical power laser head has a 30 W laser electrical power consumption. Furthermore, our units are based on the highest power laser diodes that are available on the market. Thus, if you see any laser head that uses a single laser diode with an optical power rated at 7 W or 8 W, it means its laser diode has been overdriven with additional current to increase the power rating. This, however, has an adverse effect on the unit longevity. From the user's perspective, it is better to use a 6 W unit, because you will achieve much higher yield over our 6 W laser head's lifetime. Nevertheless, if you are happy with a shorter laser diode lifespan, we could overdrive a laser diode for your cnc laser upgrade to 7 W upon request.