Hobby PLH3D-CNC Adapter Kit

The PLH3D-CNC Hobby Adapter designed for most of the CNC/3DP machines. Easy and quick connection to almost any type of the CNC controller output connector and any type of signal modulation. Everything you need is included!

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Individual Kit Parts

Product Description

About the Hobby PLH3D-CNC Adapter Kit For All CNC Machines

The Hobby PLH3D-CNC Adapter Kit works with all PLH3D-6W laser heads and allows to connect them to all types of the CNC machines. All the parts are simple in connection and don't need any soldering or cutting the cables.

Parts included in the Hobby PLH3D-CNC Adapter Kit are listed above, in the section “Individual Kit Parts”


Key features of the Hobby PLH3D-CNC Adapter Kit:

  1. Simple and quick electrical connection.
  2. Plug&Play adapter, no soldering required. 
  3. Can be connected to most of the CNC/3DP

7 types of wires - universal connectors with terminal block


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