Stepcraft PLH3D-CNC Adapter Kit

This is adapter kit for PLH3D-6W Series Laser Head to Stepcraft CNC machine. Simple and easy connection between PLH3D-6W Series laser head and Stepcraft CNC machine. All necessary parts are included !

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Individual Kit Parts


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    The best-selling 6 W laser from PLH3D Series. Professional engraving laser designed for industrial applications. Features a robust design, compatibility with all types of control signals used in CNC and 3D printing market. It can be powered with a wide range of PSUs and ...

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    These laser glasses can help reduce the probability of light entering the user’s eye from a diffusely backscattered laser light. This product is OD 7+ over the range of 190 to 540 nm, blocking deep ultraviolet to green including violet and blue light.

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  • $26.00 In stock
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    This air nozzle quickly interfaces with PLH3D-6W–Series engraving laser heads via magnets and also functions as a 43 mm spindle adapter. It directs the flow to prevent dark smoke from impeding the laser light from reaching the sample. This helps to ensure a consistent cutting ...

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Product Description

Parts included in the Stepcraft PLH3D-CNC Adapter Kit are listed above, in the section “Individual Kit Parts”


Advantages of the Stepcraft PLH3D-CNC Adapter Kit:

  • Simple and quick connection of PLH3D-6W Series Laser Head to Stepcraft CNC machine
  • Dedicated signal cable
  • Plug&Play adapter, no soldering required. 
  • No additional cooling required

Key features of the PLH3D-CNC Adapter:

  • Soft Start
  • Indication LEDs - power, armed, laser working
  • Build-in microcontroller - watchdog
  • Two external safety terminals (for example: safety key, E-Stop)
  • Automatic disarm after power off
  • One second laser test
  • Compatibility with the PLH3D laser heads
  • Keylock for preventing use by unauthorized personnel
  • Machined aluminum quality enclosure
  • One button system (arm, test and setting of enable modes)


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