CLH-5000 engraving laser head

This is a high power engraving laser head and driver for mounting on CNC spindle holders with a 43mm inner diameter.

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    Technical Data

    Design Wavelength445 nm
    Driver Dimensions93 x 48 x 29 mm
    Driver Mounting Hole Diameter4,3 mm
    Focal LengthAdjustable
    Focused Beam Spot Size @ 30 mm0,1 x 0,1 mm
    Focused Beam Spot Size @ 55 mm0,1 x 0,25 mm
    Focused Beam Spot Size @ 80 mm0.1 x 0.3 mm
    Input Voltage7,5 - 12 V
    Max. Modulation Frequency100 kHZ
    Modulation Input Voltage Range0 - 5 V
    Modulation TypeAnalog / TTL
    Mounting Hole Spacing83 x 38 mm
    Optical Power @ 20°C [W]5 W

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    **If don't have a CNC with a spindle holder, then check our newest PLH3D laser heads series! These are the most advanced laser heads in our product offering.**

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    This is a high power (5 W) engraving laser head with professional driver.

    Its aluminium body assures proper heat transfer to other metal parts. The diameter of the laser head is 43mm which make it easy to mount on many CNC spindle holders. It is also possible to buy additional aluminium holder which can be mount on moving part of the machine.

    The laser head allows to cut or engrave materials such as wood, paper, leather, cardstock and many other. Thanks to full analog modulation it is possible to engrave in shades of grey or change the output power during turns. High speed modulation (up to 100 kHz) allows to use high movement speed during engraving even complicated patterns.

    Module is using brand new NUBM44 450nm diode (capable of 6W).

    Modulation inputs can be used as TTL inputs with its logic levels of 0V and 5V or as an analog input. Analog modulation means that by using 2,5 V on ANG input you get 50% output power, analogically by using 4 V you get 80% output power, etc.


    This unit can work with almost any type of CNC machine, for example:

    CNC Shark 
    GeckoDrive 540
    Openbuilds – C Beam/OX
    Shapeoko 2
    Shapeoko 3
    X-Carve Upgrade
    X Controller
    Zen Toolworks

    Balsa 10mm: 300mm/min 5W 10 passes (1 pass for each mm).

    Vinyl 2mm: 100mm/mi 5W 1 pass (the smoke must be removed quickly).

    Red Plexyglass 3mm: 100 mm/min 4 passes (no smoke)

    Other speeds and materials:
    Wood 3mm: 200mm/mim 5W 3 passes (1 pass for each mm)
    InchJet Photographic paper: 400mm/min 5W 1 pass
    Paper: 600mm/min 2W

    Recommendations and requirements


    Remember that it is not a toy.

    Laser radiation is dangerous even when scattered or reflected from any surface.
    Always use proper protection laser filter on your CNC machine dedicated to 430 - 480nm in order to avoid reflected radiation.
    Never point laser head at people or animals.
    Do not touch the beam, it may cause burns.
    Do not stare at the beam or the beam spot while the material is being cut.
    Laser radiation - Avoid eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered radiation. 
    Class 4 laser product.

    Air flow is very important during the engraving process since it is blowing out dark smoke which can cause optical obstacle for a laser beam.

    Recommended power supply: 7,5V 5A.


    The analog input is protected by a 5V1 Zener diode on occasion there appears the voltage higher than 5V. Despite everything, this input should not be used with higher voltages.

    The output of the driver is protected by Shottky diode which doesn't allow the reverse voltage to appear.